Photography by Jesse Meyer, Michigan City Indiana

New Style! Framed Poly Canvas: No Glass, No Glare!

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Matted photographs behind glass are elegant and sophisticated. They are probably still my favorite way to showcase my artwork. But sometimes a room simply allows far too much sunlight in to appreciate a piece through glass with all that glare. Stretched canvas was an option, but I love the way my photographs looked matched with a beautiful hand-crafted frame; it gives them room to breathe and contains them from the rest of a space. After much trial and error and even more research, I've found the perfect solution: Framed poly canvas! This extra durable mounted canvas doesn't need glass for protection like delicate photographic paper does, and with no glass and no glare it looks absolutely incredible in my hand-crafted frames. I present to you my very first publicly available poly canvas piece!

12"x32" Poly Canvas • No Glass/Glare! • Hand-Crafted Cherry
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Everywhere you turn around here there's a picture of the lighthouse. I thought this lonely frozen beacon out there all by itself was much more beautiful! A 300mm Nikon lens adapted to fit my Canon brought this speck into full view, showing even the crisp detail of the light itself. Printed on extra durable Poly Canvas, this print is glassless which means absolutely zero glare! This stunning print is perfectly finished in a hand-crafted 12"x32" cherry panoramic frame, with several coats of hand-rubbed tung oil. Truly a one of a kind piece! Local pickup, personal delivery, and US shipping available!

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Click below to view detail shots including the canvas texture itself!

I've already fulfilled a few custom orders for framed poly canvas prints and they certainly are a hit! Please don't hesitate to contact me with any inquiries. I'd love to create a custom framed poly canvas print of any of my photographs in the perfect size for your space!