Photography by Jesse Meyer, Michigan City Indiana

New Collection Coming May 2017!


Fine Art Photography Featuring Hand-Crafted & Hand-Finished Frames

While there certainly is a place for commercially made or store bought frames, they're not for me. On my print page many of my favorite photographs are available in several sizes for you to put in a repurposed existing frame, a store bought frame, or to bring to your local framer for a more traditional look. But for my photography I wanted more control! Occasionally I look for something specific but more often than not these frames start with a trip to a local wood supplier. After searching through all of their stock for interesting color and figure I bring a few select boards home to the workshop. When I'm not shooting or editing and have time available, I try to strike a balance between getting the most out of the wood with the least amount of waste, while choosing a size, shape, and look that best matches a photograph I'm interested in printing. Many hours (and a LOT of sanding) later...a beautiful frame emerges, ready for either a wax or tung oil finish, and is ready to house a freshly signed, mounted, and often double matted print. Below is my current inventory (not including pieces currently in exhibition or on display) which consists of assembled works I've prepared for future exhibitions along with some I've made for my own home. I'm always shooting, always creating, and always looking to put together my latest piece, so I happily make available to you the art currently hanging on my walls!

If you are local & interested in having a piece you already own custom framed or reframed, or are a local artist seeking a more tailored finishing to better compliment your work, please contact me here to inquire about my framing services.

If you would prefer a different frame/print combination from the options I have available, please don't hesitate to contact me here and I will be more than happy to create something just for you and your space!